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Jungle AR Stickers: Dance and Play with Wild Friends!

Unleash the wild side of fun with our Jungle AR Stickers, the latest innovation in interactive entertainment! Transform any space into a vibrant jungle playground with a collection of augmented reality stickers featuring your favourite jungle animals. Watch in amazement as these creatures come to life, dancing to the beat and showcasing their athletic prowess in various sports.

Key Features:

Interactive Augmented Reality: Just place the stickers, scan with our app, and see the jungle animals pop out in 3D.

Dance with the animals, record the dance, and upload onto your socials.

Sports Mode: See them compete in soccer, basketball, and more, with realistic movements and playful interactions.

Educational Fun: Learn interesting facts about each animal as they perform.

Easy to Use: Designed for all ages, our stickers are simple to apply and remove, with no residue left behind.

Perfect for parties, educational settings, or simply a magical touch to your daily life, Jungle Boogie AR Stickers offer endless entertainment. Get ready to dance and play with your new animated friends

Augmented Reality Stickers Sheet, 5 dancing animal characters, scan and interact

  • We ship orders within 2-7 business days

  • Shipping is free across the UK

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